Revamping Chimo Holdings


When one of the UK’s premier cutlery and silverware manufacturers needed to revamp their online presence, they turned to the Backroom for help.

Chimo Holdings is the Holding Company for Chimo Sheffield (Manufacturing) Ltd, a premier British manufacturer. They blend traditional Sheffield craftsmanship with modern technology to produce an impressive range of the finest quality cutlery, gallery trays, silver and giftware plus promotional merchandise, which are sold in various countries throughout the world.

The group was established in the 1980s, uniting a number of independent Sheffield manufacturers, including one dating back to 1750, with the common purpose of creating quality products for a modern world, whilst preserving traditional values and practices. This has continued into the 21st century as other companies have been acquired and many new products developed.  

Following our initial consultation it become clear needed to address to their online presence. The website was in need of a full overhaul in particular to facilitate online quotations.

It had to bring together all the various brands and vast product lines in a coherent and consistent way. It also needed to incorporate e-commerce quotation functionality for the first time and convey the sheer quality of the products as well as the company’s core values.


We created a clean, modern look and feel for the site, with a monochrome colour scheme to reflect the cutting edge precision of their products. To help compliment this new look we were asked to look at the branding which was in need of an update.

We then spent a long time adding products to the website, in order to get the level of detail and functionality in the online shop just right.

We also injected warmth with stunning portraits of the team, which showcased the high levels of craftsmanship and suggested the long history, prestige and heritage of this impressive Sheffield company. 

We think the result is simply stunning, and we’re pleased to report that the client is as pleased as a silver punch bowl too!

Stephen Delaney